Thursday, December 15, 2011

watashi wa 大隻佬

My childhood favorite character, Ryu

I getting serious with my training..
going um's gym 2-3 time a week.. should be enough for me..
after gym, continue jogging until tire..
Besides, I can maintain swimming, minimum 1 time a week periodically..
play basketball every weekend with seapark kaki..
many mvp shooters..scary!!
We even have seapark basketball group on fb.. mou dat deng!! zzz..

Whey Protein

I'm officially a VIP member of gnc..
If you guy wanna buy any gnc products, can get the card from me..

This month very excited..
the test, coming nonstop..
just like the red ants on the wall..
two days a test constantly..
+ assignment..
+ surprising test!! suddenly pop a test on weekend!!
walao eh!! mana boleh.. want kill my liver?!
weekend is the day for me to hibernate,
should be sleep till late late mah..
lucky the test changed to weekday..
what a relief.. but, it doesn't hold for long..
this test!! was suck..
2hrs test for 4 questions..
we discuss, we peep notes..we did whatever we can..
yet, I still can't answer that question!!
shame on me..
screw up!! 1st time felt so embarrassed..lang bei..

next week is the last week of lecture on this sem,
yet, i still have test la+ assignment + presentation....bla bla bla!!
very turtle!!

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